About Me

Marcus Schuler is a native of Esslingen (Germany). Since July 2017, he has been the West Coast correspondent for Europe’s largest public broadcaster, ARD, based in San Francisco and covering Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and the state capital of Sacramento.

He provides ARD not just with news from the tech capital of the world, but also with a wide spectrum of West Coast issues.

After finishing high school, military service with the German Armed Forces Radio as a second lieutenant, and an internship with the German-Jewish emigrant journal Aufbau in New York, he spent a year as an intern at the BBC World Service in London.

Then, at Bonn, he studied politics. During his studies, he began hosting the morning show on the erstwhile cult radio station and ARD affiliate SWF3 in Baden-Baden.

He was awarded the Kurt Magnus Award, which is presented by the ARD to emerging radio journalists. At ARD’s station SWR (Southwest German Broadcasting Corp. ), he established DASDING, Germany’s first tri-medial youth program, for which he and his team were awarded the then-new Grimme Online Award.

Marcus Schuler relocated to the ARD affiliate BR (Bavarian Broadcasting Corp.) in Munich, Germany. As a consultant and executive assistant to the CEO of BR, he was in charge of ARD and all digital matters at that time. Beginning in 2015, he assisted in establishing a new development department at BR, which helped to streamline and enhance BR’s digital standing.